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Richard King: Educator, Researcher, Sound Recording Specialist
Recent News

Currently mixing for Anda Union, a group from Inner
Mongolia using throat singing and original instruments

Feb 2105 GRAMMY win  for Best Orchestral Performance
(John Adams: City Noir, David Robertson & St. Louis Sym)

Feb 2105 GRAMMY win for Best Contemporary
Instrumental Album (Meyer/Thile: Bass and Mandolin)

Dec 2014 Two GRAMMY nominations in the same year -  
for Best Engineered Album - Classical (John Adams: City
Noir), and Best Engineered Album - Non-Classical
(Meyer/Thile: Bass and Mandolin).
After 15 years with Sony Music in New York and a successful independent business (RK Recording LLC), 14-time Grammy
winner Richard King is now an Associate Professor at McGill University, in the Sound Recording Area of the Music Research
Department, Schulich School of Music. His freelance work continues in a reduced capacity with projects for Columbia
Masterworks/Sony Music, Decca/Universal, Nonesuch/Warner Music, and independent artists.  Richard is also a frequent
AES presenter and panelist, and he is invited to speak at various university level recording programs on a regular basis.